Pre-built packages are available for download for Windows and Mac at

Alternatively, install using pip:

pip install git+


This project is not yet available on PyPi.

Building from source

You can also build manually from the source for more control. First obtain a copy of the source by either downloading the zipball or cloning the public repository:

git clone

Then you can build and install the package into your current Python site-packages folder:

python install

Alternatively, just build locally and manage yourself:

python build

Building documentation from source

To build the documentation from source:

python build_sphinx

Then view in your browser:


Running tests against the source

With a copy of the source it is also possible to run the unit tests:

python test

There are also interactive tests for many of the widgets that can be run directly once you have configured your environment to include the built package:

python test/interactive/


  • Python >= 2.6, < 3

  • PySide >= 1.2.2, < 2


    On Windows, PySide does not always put the required pyside-rcc runtime in an accessible place. If you encounter build errors when installing, try adding the location of pyside-rcc to your PATH:

    $ set "PATH=C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\PySide\;%PATH%"
  • Riffle >= 0.1.0, < 2

  • ftrack Python API (Download from your ftrack server and make available on PYTHONPATH)

Additional For building

Additional For testing